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January 16, 2014

Young victim testifies in indecent exposure case

Beausoleil also convicted in Plaistow sexual assault


“My niece is a victim who had her innocence taken away,” she said. “No pedophile should be allowed to walk the streets.”

The aunt and the child, then 8, were playing hide-and-seek in the grocery aisle when Beausoleil approached the child, according to a police affidavit.

“He touched her shirt and said words to the effect, ‘Isn’t this nice?”’ Haggar told Delker.

He said it again and then a third time, Haggar said. Beausoleil then exposed himself and walked away.

The child’s aunt told the judge she thought Beausoleil was a security worker because he followed the pair throughout the store.

“He was stalking us ...” she said.

Beausoleil wasn’t targeted as a suspect in the case until Salem police learned of his arrest in Plaistow and realized he was the same person captured by the store surveillance camera at the Salem Wal-Mart. The girl then picked Beausoleil from a photo lineup.

The girl’s aunt and mother comforted her in court yesterday, putting their arms around her, as Beausoleil stood before Delker.

Delker said accepting Beausoleil’s guilty plea in exchange for a suspended sentence was the best way to prevent the convicted sex offender from harming other children.

“I truly believe this was a serious and dangerous thing, and I know it will affect the victim the rest of her life,” Delker said. “I need to make sure the sentence I impose in these two cases ensures greater protection for other children.”

But the victim’s aunt was still upset after the hearing ended, saying she thought the judge was too lenient. She said she hopes Beausoleil receives a harsh sentence in the Plaistow case.

“I feel he should have been made to stand trial,” she said. “I hope on the 24th, they nail him to the wall.”

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