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May 16, 2013

With cash in hand, this is no time for guessing

Students learn to handle cash, credit cards


The grant will be used to provide Haverhill High with iPads, financial literacy software, textbooks and teacher training. Additional money will become available for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years.

Haverhill High already offers a program where students learn the skills involved in working at a bank, such as counting money out of a drawer and taking loan information. Nangle said many students in the program are on internships as tellers or customer service representatives

“It’s never too early to learn how to budget your money,” said Crystal Ortega, a junior who works as a teller at the Haverhill Bank branch located at the high school. “We encourage savings accounts so our customers have to get the money before they can spend it.”

The new Financial Literacy Program will focus on the personal aspect of finances, such as how to manage a budget. The program will be introduced to the curriculum as part of the high school’s freshman seminar, a class intended to help improve skills such as using a computer, studying and time management, and is required of all freshmen. Segments will also be developed for the Freshman Academy and other programs available at Haverhill High, and a Credit for Life fair will happen in 2014.

Richie Davis, a junior who is taking an accounting class and is interested in the world of business, thinks a financial literacy class would be a good one to take.

“I took a banking class where we briefly talked about managing a personal budget, but this class would be awesome and I’d definitely take it,” he said. “Kids get offered credit cards with short-term deals, but then they can get in trouble long term, not knowing how much they have to make in payments.

“This kind of class would probably teach you about everything, including the bad things about credit cards, having a bank account and balancing your checkbook... those kinds of things,” he said.

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