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September 27, 2012

The Lamp Post

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — If you happen to be in the mayor's office in City Hall, take a look at the five framed photographs on the wall. The images include the Essex Street Gateway Mural, the new parking garage, the courthouse and the Merrimack River and were taken by photographer Paul Greeley. They are on the display until the end of the month.

Have you seen the imposing presence on Ward Hill? It's 12 feet tall and stands out in front of Rogers Spring Hill Garden Center. From its height to appearance, this scarecrow is well equipped to do its job.

One patron who got the Lamplighter's ear the other day had nothing but great things to say about workers in the city's public library. The patron is thankful for the library's workers — especially those on the reference desk. The woman said health issues force her to remain at home most of the time, and that whenever she calls the library reference desk, workers go out of their way to help her. She planned to call the mayor's office to give the same good report, realizing that too often the city hears complaints about workers but not enough praise.

Scenes for various movies have been filmed lately in local communities, notably Andover and Georgetown. Places in Haverhill were the backdrop for movie scenes a couple of years ago. Wonder when the lights and cameras will return to the city?

The Lamplighter had an unpleasant experience at the McDonald's on Main Street near the Plaistow line on a recent Sunday afternoon. The bathrooms were flooded and unsanitary. Ttwo people, who were traveling from New Jersey and had gotten off the highway to use the bathroom, exited the restaurant immediately and went to a nearby fast food restaurant to use the facilities. Past visits to the McDonalds have been pleasants for the Lamplighter, making him wonder what happened that day.