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June 6, 2013

Make an impact by casting your ballot for 'Haverhill's Best'

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — Everyone’s got a favorite restaurant.

Maybe it’s the place that makes those great raviolis or the place that grills steaks just the way you like them.

If you tend to send flowers to congratulate someone or cheer them up, you likely have a favorite florist. It’s the shop that arranges bouquets just right and makes you proud every time you order.

If you needed advice on handling money and investments, perhaps you met with a financial planner. And if that person has treated you right, you would recommend him to others.

What about your favorite cup of coffee? Perhaps it comes from one of the city’s doughnut shops, or maybe a local breakfast nook.

On and on the list of local favorites goes — from eateries to professional agencies to even the best tanning salon and fitness center.

Now is your chance to voice your opinion on the best businesses and places in Greater Haverhill.

The Gazette is running its annual ‘Haverhill’s Best’’ contest, which allows readers to vote on their favorite places to shop, enjoy recreation, get their hair styled — and almost everything in between.

It’s easy to vote. Simply make out the ballot published in this week’s Gazette and mail it to the newspaper or vote online by going to hgazette.com — the Gazette’s website. The home page provides instructions on how to vote.

The annual contest is popular among readers and merchants. Each year, the Gazette receives a flood of ballots.

Readers make an impact on the exposure of their favorite businesses, while merchants gain a stronger reputation with the public. The Gazette gives a plaque to each winning business to be displayed for the public to see.

The accolades even find their way into ads — businesses are proud to be voted “Haverhill’s Best’’ by Gazette readers and note the honor in their advertisements.

With the growth of Haverhill’s business community in recent years, there are many more choices for readers to consider as they cast ballots.

The downtown restaurant district is thriving with the addition of new eateries. Shops of various kinds are popping up in the city center and elsewhere. It all adds up to a stronger economy — more jobs, more tax money to pay for city services, more choices for consumers.

Now’s the time to let the community know your choices by voting for “Haverhill’s Best.’’