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August 29, 2013

Cool ways to beat the summer heat


Ya, right. What about the in-between? Getting into a hot car can fry your senses before you cool off.

A friend of mine just returned from Las Vegas, where he was attending a convention. Hot as it is around here, it was worse there. Okay, so he stayed inside an air-conditioned resort, but once he left to do some sight-seeing, the sun pounced on him like a vulture in the desert.

“One day, it got to 115 degrees,” he revealed “Then it cooled off to 95. We were going around pushing doors marked ‘pull’. It was exasperating.

“And the longer you stayed in the casino, the more money you lost and that made it even hotter,” he continued. “I was fried.”

With nothing better to do today than to wait out the heat inside my condo, I decided to concoct a list of ways to beat this heat. It may work for you. Or it may not. But just thinking about it may give you some comfort.

Don’t bother walking your dog today. Let him walk you instead. Better yet, find a shady elm and wait there while he does his business.

Don’t bother answering the telephone, unless it’s from your financial adviser with a cool prospect. The last thing you need on a day like this is nerves. Let it ring until someone else decides to pick up the receiver.

Avoid the mail, too. Getting an overdue payment warning can raise your boiling point enough to make you snap. Above all, avoid listening to the weather reports. These constant reminders of a heat wave are bound to make you delirious.

If you don’t have central air or A/C, sit in front of a fan. Watch a cool flick like “March of the Penguins.” Fill a glass with ice and pour yourself an exotic drink.

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