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October 31, 2013

A class reunion hits the skids

Don’t be surprised if I suddenly give up my allegiance to Somerville High School, where I graduated, and join up with another alumni association.

The invitation came quite unexpectedly during a recent brunch culminating the 55th anniversary of Haverhill High’s Class of 1958.

It was good to see such a reunion, considering the fact my school decided to forego the formalities this year. It would have been my 55th as well. I was there because my wife was a member of that class.

To be quite honest about it, I probably know more of her classmates than she does, given my 48 years with the Gazette and the contacts I’ve built up over that time.

Class President Ed Wilson happened to be there and marveled at such a wonderful turnout. About 120 guests showed up the evening before for the dinner dance, followed by this brunch with 90 people the next morning.

Tim Jordan, the city’s roving ambassador, caught their interest about some of the exciting events taking place downtown, before it was time to chow down. That’s when I managed to vent a little.

“Nice job, Ed,” I told the prez. “To get this many people our age at a double affair is truly a remarkable showing. Shows me the spirit that’s in your class. Too bad my school didn’t follow your example and kept the tradition going.”

It was then that Ed put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Listen, Tom. You can always join our class. You know most everyone anyway.”

I probably wrote about many. It’s that way when you’re a community reporter. People become your business. Doesn’t matter who they are. More than one person approached me about an article I had written about them. I felt attached here.

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