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October 31, 2013

Letters to the editor

Kudos to St. Joseph School

To the editor:

As a parent of a child who has a severe anxiety of fire drills and the practicing of lockdown procedures, I feel compelled to share my sincere gratitude to the teachers and staff at St. Joseph School of All Saints Parish.

On a recent Friday afternoon at dismissal time, shots were fired in the neighborhood.

Immediately, the school was notified by the Haverhill Police Department, at which point administration contacted teachers outside and told teachers to get all children back inside. No questions were asked why.

Teachers instinctively made lines on both sides of the students (a human fence as one student described it) ensuring the children’s safety back into the building. Many students were crying and were asking what was going on and the teachers answered honestly, reassuringly and confidently, “We don’t know. But this is why we have practice drills. We are safe together right now.”

My older daughter told me how scared she and her classmates were and the only thing they knew to do was to hold each other’s hands and pray Hail Marys. That alone, to me, is worth every penny I pay for our children to know the importance of depending on their faith at all times, especially in times of fear, and knowing it is OK to do so.

When retelling the events, my youngest said, “We are all God’s sheep. The bad guys are just lost. But He still loves them too, you know.” One child told my daughter not to worry because Miss Simone (the school’s principal) will make sure we are safe. Once students were given the OK to leave with the assistance of teachers and police officers, one student at a time was released, while the teachers were seen smiling, cracking jokes and comforting these students.

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