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A stellar homecoming for Bassi

As concerts go, file this one under extraordinaire.

  • icon Posted: August 27

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Thursday 08/27/2015
Hillie Nation back thanks to school, sports leaders
Posted: August 27, 2015

What a difference a few short years make.

Thursday 08/20/2015
Editorial: School backpack giveaway gives kids, parents, a head start
Posted: August 20, 2015

Back-to-school preparations can be stressful for parents and kids alike. 

Boat talk sending me overboard
Posted: August 20, 2015

We have an all-out alert this week or, better said, an SOS warning.

Thursday 08/13/2015
Friends -- Lend me your ears!
Posted: August 13, 2015

What you hear never seems to be as important as what may escape your ears.

Editorial: High court makes right call in political speech case
Posted: August 13, 2015

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court last week handed down an obscure yet important decision that should be seen as a victory for the rights of freedom of speech.

Thursday 08/06/2015
Kudos to park caretakers, city for their work
Posted: August 06, 2015

For generations, Winnekenni Park has been known as the gem of Haverhill.

This 91-year-old earns a college degree
Posted: August 06, 2015

Take it from Harold Paragamian. You’re never too old to get an education.

Thursday 07/30/2015
Balance of work, fun key to summer school's success
Posted: July 30, 2015

It's all about balance.

Local epicureans savor a dish called khema
Posted: July 30, 2015

Guess who’s coming to dinner? 

Thursday 07/23/2015
Cycling event a worthwhile cause for riders, donors
Posted: July 23, 2015

Can you think of a more enjoyable way to help people?

Charges against well-known people cause shock, confusion
Posted: July 23, 2015

The recent arrest of City Councilor Robert Scatamacchia stunned the community. He is accused of pilfering more than $200,000 in payments from funeral home customers and putting that money into his personal account.

Thursday 07/16/2015
Hospital's farmers market good for patients, city
Posted: July 16, 2015

There’s no arguing with this logic.

Joy rides better for the fearless
Posted: July 16, 2015

A whimp, am I? Well, guess again!

Thursday 07/09/2015
Scouts help city, inspire younger people
Posted: July 09, 2015

It’s the Boy Scouts to the rescue — again.

A pastry chef with interesting tastes
Posted: July 09, 2015

What does it take to be a reputable pastry chef in the competitive field of culinary arts?

Thursday 07/02/2015
Girl, fellow students show belief in goal pays off
Posted: July 02, 2015

When you were 8 years old, what did you want for your birthday?

A complaint against those who complain
Posted: July 02, 2015

I’d like to file a complaint.

Thursday 06/25/2015
VP Biden gives Armenia the cold shoulder
Posted: June 25, 2015

It wasn’t bad enough that President Obama again declined to properly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide in this centennial year.

Shopping at Farmers Market gives boost to local merchants
Posted: June 25, 2015

If you like fresh produce, it’s the place to go.

Thursday 06/18/2015
Last day of school no vacation
Posted: June 18, 2015

The final day of school for me was no respite. It meant sweat labor in my dad’s coffee shop.

Latest victory reminder of Whittier Regional's excellence
Posted: June 18, 2015

Whittier won.

Thursday 06/11/2015
An art sale that beats any gallery
Posted: June 11, 2015

I’d like to invite you all to an art sale at my home — date and time to be announced.

Personal touch a nice addition to downtown
Posted: June 11, 2015

You go to the downtown restaurant district every other weekend or so for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks.

Thursday 06/04/2015
It's time for Joseph Leary to take a well-deserved bow
Posted: June 04, 2015

Many years ago, Joseph Leary was having serious thoughts about giving up his job as band director at Haverhill High School.

Economic development finds its niche
Posted: June 04, 2015

I have always been a big proponent of economic development and urban renewal. And why not?

Thursday 05/28/2015
A dime check makes no 'cents,' but …
Posted: May 28, 2015

Of all the coins that cross my path, nothing is more practical than a dime. It always seems to go the furthest — especially when it falls from my pocket and rolls under the bed.

Scout's park project worthy of community support
Posted: May 28, 2015

"Adopt a Park.''

Thursday 05/21/2015
Let your opinion about 'Haverhill's Best' be known
Posted: May 21, 2015

The pride enjoyed by these business people is obvious.

In candlepin bowling, Sarge was in charge
Posted: May 21, 2015

When it comes to candlepin bowling around these parts, one name sticks out among the best.

Thursday 05/14/2015
For the record, my tables still turn
Posted: May 14, 2015

Come with me while I take you to a special place in my home. Down a flight of stairs to my basement, past a ping pong table and washing machine to another room just below.

Scavenger hunt a great way to have fun while helping others
Posted: May 14, 2015

They're calling it Haverhill's version of "The Amazing Race.''

Thursday 05/07/2015
Local teen's efforts bring smiles to those around her
Posted: May 07, 2015

A neighbor of Kayla McCarthy called the Gazette a short time ago to boast of Kayla’s accomplishments.

102-year-old Armenian Genocide survivor a quiet inspiration
Posted: May 07, 2015

Editor's note: Columnist Tom Vartabedian attended a large gathering in April in New York City to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. While there, he observed 102-year-old Vartouhi Avedisian, the only genocide survivor at the event. Her presence inspired him to write this column from her point of view.

Thursday 04/30/2015
Community's generosity made history book possible
Posted: April 30, 2015

Haverhill would not be the community it is without its people.

Being a Libra is a good sign
Posted: April 30, 2015

I don’t place much faith in fortunes, even after I read them as a lark.

Thursday 04/23/2015
Brown earns community's thanks yet again
Posted: April 23, 2015

To say E. Phillip Brown has done it again sounds repetitive — but it's true.

Local man is master of the dictionary
Posted: April 23, 2015

As a young teenager, Peter Sokolowski had a way with words — big words, tough words. He’d often send listeners to the dictionary to solve their meaning.

Thursday 04/16/2015
Helping workers learn English another success for NECC 
Posted: April 16, 2015

Northern Essex Community College has proven its worth — yet again.

An obituary that proved erroneous
Posted: April 16, 2015

As an obituary writer in my previous newspaper life, I took great satisfaction at perusing the day’s death notices and picking out one for a memorial tribute. 

Thursday 04/09/2015
Community deserves thanks for supporting Boys & Girls Club
Posted: April 09, 2015

Maybe you know someone who went there as a kid.

Thursday 04/02/2015
Local woman, her hometown people make a great team
Posted: April 02, 2015

When Julie Sullivan went to Jamaica to serve with the Peace Corps, she didn't know what to expect.

April Fool's prank had city on alert
Posted: April 02, 2015

"See you later alligator

Thursday 03/26/2015
Boxing gym good for teens, but needs community support
Posted: March 26, 2015

It's a classic way to keep kids off the streets.

Teachers deserve a lot of credit
Posted: March 26, 2015

Of all the vocations, mine included, is there any more vital to the welfare of our country than teaching? Okay, so I’m married to a teacher, but we’re both retired and still dwell upon our careers.

Thursday 03/19/2015
Neighborhood shops part of a simpler era
Posted: March 19, 2015

Growing up, much of my time was spent in dad’s coffee shop tending to business. If I wasn’t there, you’d find me hanging out at the corner drug store by the soda fountain whistling at the girls as they walked by.

This priest follows his predecessor's example well
Posted: March 19, 2015

The Rev. Dennis Nason was a hard act to follow.

Thursday 03/12/2015
Student response to teacher's marathon cause touching
Posted: March 12, 2015

Who would argue with this teacher's effort?

Which cold don't you prefer?
Posted: March 12, 2015

Hack! Hack! Sniffle! Sniffle! B-rrr …

Struggling families need help staying warm
Posted: March 12, 2015

To the editor: 



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