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July 7, 2011

Letter: Religious fanatics should find another outlet

Religious fanatics should find something useful to do

To the editor:

Michael Veves' column about Operation Rescue ("Operation Rescue has right to protest but not to harass," Gazette, June 23) was fantastic. I was so glad to see someone expose these people standing near my home. If they were not such hypocrites, they would do more for people than standing on the street mumbling prayers every time you try to talk to them.

I don't write letters to the newspapers, but I had to this time. I completely agree with Veves. These people who act like they care so much about babies are nowhere to be found when we destroyed Iraq in the made-up war. No protests from these people about the waste of all our tax dollars in Iraq.

Where were these pious hypocrites when Katrina hit? What aren't they boarding a bus down to the tornado-ravaged people in Tennessee or Missouri? Why aren't they spending their days delivering food to destitute families in Haverhill or Lawrence?

How can you not be cynical when these people harass women who want abortions, threaten doctors or hold posters of aborted fetuses? I certainly was glad to see a police officer standing out there with them because I fear for the women seeking health care services that these religious fundamentalists try to deny.

Their group is a national effort that goes so far as to sanction stopping doctors from providing abortions, no matter what it takes to stop them. Veves did his homework well when he mentioned Salvi and Robert-Rudolph. Too bad he didn't mention all the other murderers, too.

But I was disappointed the article said nothing about an institution I blame for so much sexual dysfunction and so many sexual taboos: the Catholic Church. AIDS is rampant across Africa, and the Catholic Church does not even want to say the word "condom."

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