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June 20, 2012

Poor Tom's Almanac: Striking the right musical balance


"You mean to say you don't know Yanni?" the secretary wondered. "I'm hooked. His music is so inspiring and contemplative."

I forgot about Yanni, but Yanni didn't forget about me. After being entertained by my niece at a barbeque, we settled inside before the mosquitoes got us. I put my head back against the sofa and was sent into tranquility by this music being played in the background. I couldn't help but remark about it.

"Some artist they call Yanni," my niece divulged. "Terrific, isn't it?"

At times, I do enjoy my music loud, especially when I wish to ignore the person who has my ear ringing with useless conversation.

That's when I wish they'd play Wagner. His music is actually better than it sounds.

The only solution at my parties is to find something that will accommodate all tastes and genres. If that doesn't work, I could always opt for a karaoke party or entertain the thought of hosting a sing-along.

• • •

Photographer and writer Tom Vartabedian is retired from The Haverhill Gazette. He contributes this regular column.

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