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March 27, 2014

Local young people doing lots to make us proud

These days, there’s plenty of negative news involving young people.

Last week, a young Haverhill man was arrested in Plaistow and charged with pulling a knife during a shoplifting attempt.

Several young men have been charged with surrounding a man on High Street and trying to shoot him, before the gun malfunctioned.

Despite those and other examples of mayhem getting headlines, there’s plenty happening to give us reason to feel proud of young people in our community.

Consider the performance at Carnegie Hall by students who are members of the choir at the local Bradford Christian Academy. (See story, Page 1.) This is no easy feat, given the hours upon hours of practice necessary for these students to achieve what they did.

How about the students at St. Joseph School of All Saints Parish who took on a charitable challenge and won? (See today’s City Spotlight page.)

As offbeat as it was, they accomplished a goal of getting their principal to kiss a pig. They did it by accepting a bet that they could not raise $100 for cancer research in a two-week period. They eclipsed the $900 mark, and their principal was in line for one awkward smooch.

The kids raised the money in memory of their parish pastor, the late Rev. Dennis Nason who died of cancer nearly four years ago. He was a favorite of the kids, giving them motivation to reach their goal — if the promise of a piggish kiss wasn’t enough.

Then there are the baseball players who have been going through their paces lately at Trinity Stadium, as they try out for the Haverhill High team. (See today’s sports page.)

They are part of a recent trend at the high school, where more and more students are trying out for sports in recent years, as the fee to play was decreased. That gives coaches more players to choose from and makes the Hillie teams more competitive. It is also rekindling brown and gold pride.

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