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June 27, 2012

Editorial: Have a happy Fourth but respect your neighbors


"We received numerous complaints about people shooting off illegal fireworks at all hours of the night." the mayor said. "We also received numbers of complaints about people with loud noise, of boomboxes music playing until all hours of the evening."

Fiorentini said that in the past the city has confiscated fireworks, but this summer will be handing out fines for their use under the noise law.

We're all for celebrating the Fourth of July with the gusto recommended by Adams. We even favor relaxing state fireworks laws — the Bay State is one of only four that won't even let you light a sparkler.

But we also believe that part of being a good American citizen is to respect your neighbors and dial things back when your celebration becomes someone else's nuisance, especially at night and especially in summertime when windows are open and people are outside.

So have a happy Fourth, but keep it down.

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