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May 24, 2012

Editorial: Deadlines needed to compete work at Bradford condo project


Haverhill's economic development and planning director, William Pillsbury, said the company finds itself in a "difficult situation" but it "did all the work that we asked them to do."

Maybe the city isn't asking enough.

Barrett said that Brady Sullivan Properties wrote a letter to Carrington Estates condo owners last June, saying the company was committed to getting the project back on track and meet its infrastructure obligations.

Brady Sullivan Properties' Haverhill attorney, Michael Migliori, said the unfinished work should be completed within 11 months.

But Barrett says he seeing little movement and wants the city to set deadlines.

"Why can't the city take the infrastructure list and give us days and times of when everything will get done?" he asked. "Are we just supposed to sit here in limbo?"

It seems a reasonable request, and we urge the mayor to work the developers to make sure the work is moving ahead before any real blight sets in.

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