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August 13, 2009

Letter: Thank you for warm welcome

Thank you for warm welcome

To the editor:

To our friends in Haverhill,

The purpose of my writing is to thank the Haverhill community for the warm welcome to Zion Bible College this past academic year and to give a brief update on what we are expecting for out second year of operation.

Last year, Zion Bible College moved from Barrington, R.I., to the Bradford College campus to in large part to a very generous donor, David Green, owner of Hobby Lobby Industry, based In Oklahoma City, Okla.

He not only purchased the campus, but continues to improve the facilities at a remarkable rate. The only two buildings left to rehab are the old gym and theater.

The alumni of Zion have raised money to prepare the small chapel building for use by the opening of the academic year, which begins Aug. 26.

During the transition last year, the Zion community had some concerns about living and working in a new camps environment plus a different city and state. From my view, the citizens of Haverhill could not have done more to make us feel welcomed.

In just a few weeks all of our fears were allayed and concerns answered.

As president, I want to sincerely thank everyone in Haverhill who were so kind and magnanimous to our faculty, staff and student body.

You will be happy to know that enrollment for the fall semester will be up signififcally since last semester. Zion Bible College has attracted new students to its new home. I am thrilled with the quality of dedicated young people who will be with us soon, who will prepare for vocational ministry.

Thank you again for accepting Zion Bible College as you have. The buildings and grounds were a credit to Haverhill for almost 200 years. The entire community is dedicated to making you proud of this classic New England campus for many years to come.

Charles T. Crabtree

President of Zion

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