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May 24, 2012

Letters to the editor: Mural volunteers deserve praise

Mural volunteers deserve praise

To the editor:

As a lifelong resident of Haverhill, I have seen first hand how the city has ebbed and flowed over the past 40 years. Sadly for the majority of this time, our downtown city core has slowly eroded away, its vibrancy diminishing with each departing store and business.

Thankfully, in recent years, and in spite of the lackluster national economy, positive changes have begun to materialize.

The slow but methodical rebirth of Haverhill is due in no small part to the concerted efforts of volunteer groups like Team Haverhill, doing grand things with only a small group of volunteers and an even smaller budget.

Team Haverhill's most recent success story, the Essex Street Mural, shows what can be done when all elements of the community come together for a single goal. From the volunteer coordinators who drove the project, to the local businesses who supported it financially, to the residents who picked up paint brushes to create it; this mural truly is a project of the people. The Essex Street mural is not your ordinary art installation either in scope or meaning. It symbolizes the unique and exciting heritage of our community, the rich canopy of residents past and present and the promise of what is to come in the future. The mural is also a catalyst, a beacon of inspiration that encourages us to further greatness. It is a message to our citizens and to those outside our community that Haverhill is in the process of reinventing itself as a cultural and economic leader.

It has been a true pleasure to see such a worthy project unfold and come to fruition in my hometown and it gives me a renewed sense of confidence as a Haverhill resident, business owner, and elected official that we have such a dedicated group of volunteers willing and able to see an undertaking of this scope to completion. To everyone who had a hand in making this dream a reality, I commend you and urge you to please keep working. You are making a difference. Let's use this mural as the foundation of our plan as we continue to reshape Haverhill together.

Sven Amirian

Haverhill city councilor

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