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June 27, 2012

Letters to the editor


I have lived here for decades and seen the same names recycled on city council. Mayors get elected but little changes. Had there been a large scale "team" of people who got together 25 years ago with a common vision, things would not have come to this point. An unbelievable lack of vision for what this city could have been, an inability to understand that the river should have been better utilized for tourism, an obstinate political leadership more interested in getting credit for something than doing what's good for the city, and an inability to raise revenue are just some of the reasons Haverhill is stuck.

I had to say this after reading about how great Haverhill is by Amirian. I spend my days everywhere but Haverhill now that I am retired. There's simply nothing here. I can't imagine anyone trying to keep a business going here.

Joe Tucker


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