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May 22, 2014

Pet peeves bring little comfort

I’m not one to always complain. What good does it do?

People don’t listen to you. They have their own troubles.

I’ve learned through experience that the person who is always kicking doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Yet, we go through life annoyed and irritable when things don’t quite go our way.

Take my computer. It often provides me with more of a guessing game than a beachcomber with a bikini. And when it crashes in the middle of a story, so do I.

The same can be said for annoying cell phone abusers, loud music, long lines and endless commercials on TV. I cannot tolerate intolerance and often grow restless when I see people texting behind the wheel.

Maybe it’s best if I just move to some remote island and isolate myself from the rest of humanity. But then, I remind myself that misery loves company.

When I was high school editor of my yearbook, I asked my classmates to reveal their pet peeves. The list covered everything from rainy weekends and neckties to noisy people, tardiness, homework and alarm clocks.

One student’s pet peeve was the “teacher’s pet.” As for me, my beef was people who considered themselves “big shots.” Most always, they were off target and only made a ridiculous fool of themselves.

With age came other disorders like ill-manners, disrespect, aborted relationships, family issues and people who disregard personal hygiene. No need to expound. You get my drift.

I worked with a guy who never showered. Had I distributed gas masks to the staff, he wouldn’t have gotten the hint. Finally, all it took to snap him out of his funk was a bar of soap. We left it on his typewriter with instructions on what to do with it.

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