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May 29, 2014

Don't give in to age -- keep busy


The latest issue of non-credit opportunities ran across my hands and, just for kicks, I flipped through the pages. Everything from bartending and health to floral design and event planning caught my attention.

I could spend the rest of my lifetime getting educated for a stipend and becoming enriched by it. And if I were on the teaching end, perhaps I could impart that knowledge to others.

On the same day I received this newsletter, there was another from the Council on Aging. Included in these contents were a variety of day trips and overnight junkets. I could do a scrapbooking class, take a class in carpentry, try yoga or volunteer.

So I picked up the phone and decided to offer a series of workshops, beginning with my 50 years as a journalist and photographer. From there, we would dedicate a class to Armenia, sharing photographs I took there on two occasions.

And lastly, I thought about sharing a trip I took to the national parks. For those who’ve never taken these trips, this is one way they might get acquainted.

Many agencies in your city rely upon volunteers because they do not have the resources to hire. You could do your community — and yourself — proud by offering up a few hours each week to the library or the hospital. Activate yourself.

Places like Community Action, Red Cross, City Hall and our schools would welcome your presence, not to mention the many organizations and clubs that could use your services.

That’s not to say you’re about to spend a lifetime giving up your time to others. That would be expecting too much, especially with families, church and other obligations. A simple show of support to help serve meals to the needy would be a blessing to you.

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