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July 19, 2012

Letters to the editor

O'Connor Ives best choice to replace Baddour

To the editor:

Steve Baddour announced his resignation from the State Senate in March, and voters should gear up to choose the next person to represent the 1st Essex District. Several candidates have announced their desire to replace Sen. Baddour on the Democratic ticket, but only one offers the ability to unify the district. That candidate is Newburyport City Councilor At-Large, Kathleen O'Connor Ives. I respectfully ask you to cast your vote for her in Sept. 6 Democratic Primary.

Her experience and skill-set are well suited for the rigors of this office. She's currently serving her third term as a city councilor and has a strong history of problem-solving and working with a wide cross-section of people. O'Connor Ives offers a unique blend of open-mindedness and strong core principles. I know she'll apply those strengths and make progress at the Statehouse. Her legal background will be an asset as a legislator and, by nature, she's approachable, measured and, most critically, a very real person. She will be accountable and accessible to the voters — not the entrenched special interests. She'll work to expand ethics, lobbying and campaign finance rules.

I encourage you to learn more about her background and positions on the issues that matter to our district. When it comes to the needs of Haverhill, O'Connor Ives understands Haverhill's goal of growing our small business sector and wants to work closely with city leaders to foster economic growth. She knows debt from Hale Hospital consumes city resources and will work to develop a plan to lessen the financial burden so Haverhill can focus on more pressing needs.

O'Connor Ives is the best choice to take on the Republican nominee in the general election. She's a stark contrast to the status quo, and that's just what we need right now. I hope you will stand with me and support her on Sept. 6.

Michael Gallant

Member of the Haverhill Democratic City Committee