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January 26, 2012

Letters to the editor

To the editor:

Emily Sawtelle is certainly someone the city of Haverhill can be proud of. What a delightful article to read about one of the teenagers in the city. Her parents must be very pleased with how she has begun her life. It proves that good parenting and good mentoring is priceless for a child.

Michael Veves' article on her was great to read and I sure like reading stories like the one about Ms. Sawtelle who has a great future ahead of her. We need to read more about the outstanding teenagers in the city of Haverhill.

I particularly enjoy Mr. Veves' articles, especially the ones about the damage being done to the country by the stubbornness of the religious conservatives in America. His recent articles about the clownishness of the Republican presidential candidates was excellent.

Let's hope Mr. Veves is wrong on his comments about what will happen to America if a right wing government gets control.

Thomas Drougas


To the editor:

David Rousseau's letter about Thanksgiving was well taken. But why must he have to keep reminding us that the reason for all of our "bounties'' has nothing to do with ourselves but that all our bounties are from "God.'' The America of Lincoln is a vastly different America from today populated by Jews, Muslims, Buddhists as well as nonbelievers. Rousseau makes no room for that, sadly. In Lincoln's day, things were much different.

Today's fundamentalist Christian movement is pervasive and it is causing distress in American politics as well as our identity as a nation. Rousseau, like so many others, forgets that there are many different religions in America which is what makes us the country we are. The constant falling back to a supreme humanlike deity who is our "beneficent father who dwelleth in the heavens'' keeps assuming a supernatural being which keeps getting Americans into so much trouble.

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