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February 1, 2012

Boys & Girls Club game scores

Minor League Basketball

N.M.T.W. Credit Union33

Vision Optical24

Woodrow Reese, 8 points; Jose Reyes, 7 points

Nazair Dabreo, 8 points

Early Contractors38

Loyalty Barbershop36

Christian Ovalles, 19 points; Ryan McCarthy, 10 points

Ryan Whitcomb, 9 points

A.R.E. Auto Sales29

Fireside Restaurant & Pub21

Dariel Dominguez, 14 points; Jomil Reynoso, 6 points

Carlos Rivera, 15 points

Major League Basketball

A.R.E. Auto Sales84

Pallaria Electric60

Alex Perez, 30 points; Brandon Ruiz, 14 points

Ian Kesse, 20 points

Shoe City Hardware71

Early Contractors45

Marcus Downer, 35 points; Sylus Kitchings, 14 points

Navin Cruz, 21 points

Minor League Floor Hockey

Terra Industries3

Sparky Wings & Things1

Enrique Alvarado, 2 goals; Angel Burgos, 1 goal

Enrique Ruiz, 1 goal

N.M.T.W. Credit Union 1 vs. David Electric 0

Isaiah Murnane, 1 goal

Twomey & Legare Contracting8

Don Wilson0

Kyle Barnes, 4 goals; Tyler Rice, 2 goals

Major League Floor Hockey

Malcolm Insurance3

Blasé© Destefano 2

Joseph Maniscalco, 1 goal; Braden Dorr, 1 goal

Nazair Dabreo, 1 goal

Dempsey Insurance4

Fantini Bakery2

Jonathan Montnile, 3 goals; Elian Gonzalez, 1 goal

Sebastian Nunez, 1 goal

Baril Racing4

A.R.E. Auto Sales3

Matthew Conte, 2 goals; Alex Bray, 1 goal

Jared Libby, 1 goal

Note: The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill hosted the first annual AAU Sting Basketball Tournament in the fourth-grade division. The tournament was won by the Massachusetts E.V.O., based in Boston. Other teams that participated included Sacred Hearts of Bradford, the Haverhill Sting, Visionary Basketball of Haverhill, and the Worcester Sting.

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