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November 7, 2013

Boys & Girls Club game statistics


Tony’s Pizza suffered its second loss to Early Contractors. Tony’s Pizza had the lead at half time by 11 points, but Hassan Cathey came out strong in the second half with 14 points (22 points in total). Gage Alicea scored 43 points for Tony’s Pizza. Early Contractors won 71-68.

Game Three

Navin Cruz, Justin Camargo and Evan Curtios demonstrated teamwork for T-Stop Barbershop and triumphed over Loyalty Barbershop. Cruz played a clever game and scored 24 points with ease for T-Stop Barbershop. Kyle Rocker and Scott Tavares both hit three, three-pointers for Loyalty Barbershop, but it wasn’t enough for the win. T-Stop Barbershop was the team to beat with its third consecutive win, which kept them in first place. The final score was 58-53.

Mitch Rudis played a big role in the win for High Street Market with several blocks and steals. He also scored 25 points. Jeremiah Downer stepped up his offensive rebounds and scored 18 points for High Street Market. Tony’s Pizza trailed by six points by the end of the first half. Gage Alicea struggled to hit any baskets from behind the arc and failed to tie the game. High Street Market won 58-46.

Early Contractors took the win over LJ Construction in a seesaw battle. Stephon Allen and Brandon Suero were both strong, scoring 14 points each for Early Contractors. But Elias Sanchez of LJ Construction didn’t give up the win so easily, scoring 24 points. Early Contractors were down one point until Kenny Plante hit a three-pointer, which gave them the lead by two points with just 22 seconds left. Ian Kessel went for the win with a three-point shot for LJ Construction, but missed. The final score was 55-53.

Game Four

Loyalty Barbershop came out strong against Tony’s Pizza and kept a 15 point lead from the start. Andrew Auguste stepped up for Loyalty Barbershop, scoring a season high 29 points. Eduardo Gonzalez was strong on defense with 12 blocks and 17 points for Loyalty Barbershop. Gage Alicea scored 43 points for Tony’s Pizza, but it wasn’t enough. Loyalty Barbershop won 85-70.

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