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March 17, 2010

FANCY FOOTWORK: Couples ready for prime time after ballroom dance lessons

Couples ready for prime time after ballroom dance lessons


"And it's great exercise too, added Marcotte. "It keeps the joints moving."

Krasinski and Rahardja hope their students will have a lot of fun, but also take away many other positive results from the lessons.

"It's really good for you," said Rahardja. "It's very healthy. It's a really good work out."

And the dancers said that learning to cha cha and swing with a partner is a great way to promote a healthy relationship as well.

"It's definitely something fun for couples to do," said Krasinski."It really helps bond the relationship, because you're working together. And it's something really nice for men to do for their women."

But Krasinski and Rahardja said dance lessons are even fun, and useful, for singles.

"Especially for a single guy, it will make him a hot item," said Rahardja.

"At ballroom events, women are always asking the men to dance," said Krasinski, who added that women often outnumber men three to one. "The guys don't have a chance to sit down. Guys never leave the floor."

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