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March 26, 2010

Academic Bowl championships: A sweep for Sacred Hearts

It's that time of year again, a time of tough competition when champions are crowned.

No, it's not March Madness. It's the Haverhill Public Schools 25th annual Academic Bowl.

The championship was fought on Thursday, March 18, at Haverhill High School, and it was a big night for Sacred Hearts School in Bradford, whose teams won the Junior Division Championship and the Senior Division title.

Throughout the school year, academic bowl teams compete head-to-head to answer challenging questions in a number of academic areas, such as math, history, literature, science and logic.

The only thing certain at the competitions is that the students have no idea what to expect next.

The junior division pits fifth-grade teams against one another, while the senior division is a competition among middle school teams.

These were the final standings after the regular season competition:

Junior division

1. Bradford/Hunking (5-0)

2. Sacred Hearts (4-1)

3. Nettle (3-2)

4. Whittier (2-3)

5. St. Joseph's (1-4)

6. Silver Hill/Consentino (0-5)

Senior division

1. Sacred Hearts (4-1)

2. Hunking (4-1)

3. Whittier (3-2)

4. Nettle (2-3)

5. Consentino (1-4)

6. St. Joseph's (1-4)

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