HAVERHILL — Local Wildflower Montessori schools, Wisteria Montessori at 76 Merrimack St., Marigold Montessori at 26 White St. and Snowdrop Montessori, which slated to open this September at 181 Washington St., will host a community block party on the boardwalk at Harbor Place on Saturday, Au…

HAVERHILL — Police said that when they attempted to arrest a woman who was being combative and resisting arrest, her brother intervened by placing an officer in a chokehold, then bit both the officer he was choking and bit another officer’s hand.

Massachusetts youth were twice as likely as adults to lose employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, while young parents in particular faced a "confluence of pressures" more severe than other age groups, according to new state survey data.

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Passengers in the rear section of the B-29 "Doc" had to rely on a video screen to see the view from the front of the aircraft. The screen allowed passengers to watch the plane while landing at Terre Haute Regional Airport.

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