CARL RUSSO PHOTOS: As people deal with the 4th. week of the Coronavirus, lets reflect with photos of people in Haverhill trying to adjust.

Haverhill people took advantage of a sunny and mild Wednesday afternoon on March 18 to enjoy the day and forget about the coronavirus; for a little while.

With temperatures in the 50's that day, neighbors walked the Winnekenni Park trail and played in the park. This is before playgrounds and basketball courts were off limits. Across town others stopped to buy ice cream at Carter's Ice Cream stand in Bradford.

As residents settle into the "new normal'' of living with the coronavirus, people are finding ways to make the situation tolerable as seen in the photos from March 26.

Sometimes it's as simple as going for a walk, or maybe stopping by your favorite restaurant to pick up a takeout order, supporting a suffering business while also bringing smiles to members of your family.

Then there are grim reminders of the health threat: Outdoor play and exercise areas are off limits, some even with locks on the gates of their fences — gates that were wide open before the virus attacked.