Brian Staponites, 17, and Cole Bowden, 17, are both Haverhill High School Honor Society students who attended hour to hour and a half long training sessions so they can help with the elections. City Clerk Margaret Toomey is showing them the new voting machines they will be learning about in the training manual and CD they will receive along with their training sessions.

On Tuesday city voters will head to the polls to elect a mayor, nine City Council members and three members of the School Committee.

City Clerk Margaret Toomey is predicting a 30 percent turn out in this election where 21 candidates | 11 incumbents | are seeking 13 open seats.

The most contentious race is for mayor. James Rurak, a former four-term mayor in Haverhill, is hoping to retake City Hall's corner office from incumbent James Fiorentini and lead the city through a two-year term.

School Committee candidates Scott Wood, Jr. and Shaun Toohey are seeking re-election, and newcomer Susan Danehy has her eyes on the third open seat.

Sixteen candidates want nine open seats on the City Council and eight are incumbents.

There will be newcomers on the ballot and at the polls. In an effort to increase civic awareness in teenagers and the much-needed staffing at the polls, the League of Women Voters and the City Clerk's office have trained high school students over the age of 16, so 14 to 21 newly trained poll workers will be making their debut. After they were initiated, the more experienced poll workers gave them a standing ovation in honor of their dedication.

Here is a rundown of the candidates, listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.


James A. Rurak

Address: 701 East Broadway

Age: 59 on election day

Family: Married to Kathleen Rurak and has three children, Christopher, Ann Maureen and Rose.

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; bachelor's degree, Bates College; doctorate, University of Chicago.

Reason for running: "Fiorentini’s out-of-control policies have brought this city to a dangerous crossroads. Unless leadership changes, we will continue to see rising crime, overcrowded schools and deteriorating services to our seniors and neighborhoods. I will manage growth to provide for the needs of the whole city, not just the big developers. I will build Haverhill’s future on the preservation of its past."

James J. Fiorentini (candidate for re-election)

Address: 36 Macon Ave.

Age: 60

Family: Married to Martha (Cooper) Fiorentini, and has three children, Regina, Christina, and Jay.

Education: Haverhill Public School; bachelor's degree, Tufts University; law degree, Northeastern University's School of Law.

Reason for running: "Four years ago, we were a city where fire stations were closed, our high school stood to lose its accreditation, and newspapers said we might go into receivership. Today, we have the largest retail boom in our history with BJ’s, Target and Lowe’s all opening. We face enormous financial challenges in the next two years. I would like to be there to meet those challenges, hold the line on spending, and improving our schools is my number one top priority."


Nathaniel R. Auger

Address: 45 Locust St.

Age: 20

Family: Single. Parents are Robin Gariepy and Michael Auger. One brother and one sister.

Education: 2005 graduate Whittier Tech. Member of the national Vo-Tech Honor Society. Studied at Northern Essex Community College and hopes to return next year.

Reason for running: "I am running because I really care about our city. I would love to see Haverhill take steps towards the future without having to commercially develop itself into nothingness. I want what is best for this city and hope that in some way I can contribute."

David E. Hall (candidate for re-election)

Address: 73 East Broadway

Age: 70

Family: Daughter, Allison

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; Northern Essex Community College; attended Northeastern University.

Reason for running: "To maintain my agenda of being a public servant. I dedicate myself 40 to 50 hours a week to my constituents' requests. I'm a full-time councilor."

Michael S. McGonagle

Address: 39 Newton Ave.

Age: 49

Family: Married to wife, Maureen (Riley) 29 years, and has two sons, Michael, Jr., 27, and Brenden, 20.

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; associate's degree in business from NECC; bachelor's degree in management, Lesley College.

Reason for running: "I am a business owner in downtown Haverhill and very enthusiastic and interested in being a part of helping downtown thrive. It will help the downtown, help my business and help everyone in the city. I think the people of Haverhill, if kind enough to vote for me, won't be disappointed by the effort I put forth."

William J. Macek (candidate for re-election)

Address: 227 Concord St.

Age: 56

Family: Married to Maria (DiPirro) 35 years with two grown sons ages 26 and 23.

Education: Master's degree in management, Cambridge College; law degree, Massachusetts School of Law.

Reason for running: "I really love the city and like to be active in helping it move forward. I've been a business owner, and feel I have the background and management experience to make quality decisions to help the city on the tough road we're on. Somebody has to do it and do it right. That's what I like to think I'm doing."

Louis T. Fossarelli

Address: 32 Boxford Road

Age: 64

Family: Married with four children

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; and bachelor's degree Norwich University in Northfield, Vt.

Reason for running: "I was councilor before. I believe there's work to be done and I think there needs to be someone experienced to work on it. I believe I have the experience."

Diane Boulanger-Prescott

Address: 197 Concord St.

Age: 49

Family: Married to David Prescott 20 years with three children: David, 12, Alexandra, 7, and Nicholas, 5.

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; associate's degree, Northern Essex Community College; bachelor's degree, Merrimack College; master's degree in business administration, Southern New Hampshire University.

Reason for running: "As a former city councilor, state government official, business owner, and member of school site councils, I have the experience and background to address education, public safety, Hale Hospital debt recovery, fiscal stability and residential growth.

Robert H. Scatamacchia (candidate for re-election)

Address: 11 Revere St.

Age: 57

Family: Married to Paula (Anzaldi) and has four children: Derek, 33, Justin, 27, Tara, 25, and Michael, 16.

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration/finance and banking, Suffolk University.

Reason for running: "I truly enjoy serving the citizens of Haverhill on the City Council. This is my sixth term and would like to see Haverhill continue its rebirth."

James J. Donahue Jr.

Address: 493 Kingsbury Ave.

Age: 34

Family: Parents, James and Gloria; Brother, Michael; Six-year-old son, Freddie R. Donahue.

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; Bachelor's degree, Ball State University. Certificate in Social Studies, Grades 5-12.

Reason for running: "I really love Haverhill. It has great potential and I think we need people with positive attitudes and high aspirations for the city on the council. Our biggest challenges as a council are responsible growth, public safety and fiscal responsibility."

Colin F. LePage

Address: 5 Sunrise Drive

Age: 43

Family: Mother, Lori, and children Chris, Sean and Stefanie

Education: Graduated from Waltham High and Waltham Vocational High School; attended Salem State College.

Reason for running: "I will offer new ideas to resolving the issues facing Haverhill, along with my 10 years of active community involvement."

Michael J. Hart (candidate for re-election)

Address: 215 Brickett Hill Circle

Age: 60

Family: Wife Patricia and married for 36 years. three grown daughters.

Education: Graduate of St. James High School; bachelor's degree and law degree from Suffolk University.

Reason for running: "I believe I have the legal background and business background that is beneficial on the city council in helping make decisions and sort out difficult fiscal issues. The council has been working hard to do the right thing, but I think we still have some serious challenges ahead of us."

Mary Ellen Daly O'Brien (candidate for re-election)

Address: 66 Webster St.

Age: 52

Family: Married for 29 years to Thomas O'Brien and has four daughters, ages 14-23

Education: Haverhill Public Schools; bachelor's degree in nursing, Vermont College of Norwich University.

Why she's running: "To serve as a strong advocate and strong voice for the people of Haverhill. I'm proud of the gains we've made despite difficult budgets because of the financial downtrend in Massachusetts since September 11. I'm proud of my positive votes to renovate Haverhill High School, slow the development of our green spaces, and to renovate the downtown area."

Krystine S. Hetel (candidate for re-election)

Address: 5 Arlington Place

Age: 57

Family: one son, 23, living in Hollywood, Calif.

Education: Bachelor's degree, Havard University Extension School, cum laude

Reason for running: "I bring a unique outlook and balance to the Council because of my community involvement in Haverhill’s neighborhood safety issues, schools, recycling, and grant-writing. My priorities are public safety, especially downtown, growing the tax base through outreach to manufacturing for our industrial parks, and small-scale, local retail stores and restaurants downtown."

William H. Ryan (candidate for re-election)

Address: 16 Concord Street

Age: 69

Family: Married, with three daughters and six grandchildren

Education: Bachelor's degree, Northeastern University; attended Boston State College Graduate School of Education.

Reason for running: "My career has always been public service. Having served as a former state representative, a former mayor and a former school committee member, I enjoy being involved in the community and making a contribution as best I can."

Kenneth E. Quimby Jr.

Address: 48 Goodale St.

Age: 47

Family: Single

Education: Haverhill High School class of 1979

Reason for running: "I think I can do a lot for Haverhill | bring some new ideas that will benefit the city. I've run before and really look forward to winning a seat."

Leo T. Martin

Address: 55 Taylor St.

Age: 45 on election day

Family: Lives with his significant other and her two children; two daughters of his own.

Education: St. John's Prep graduate; attended Salem State and the University of New Hampshire; four years in the Air Force.

Reason for running: "I'm a transplant from the North Shore. This is my second time living in Haverhill. I love everything about this city. The downtown development and new businesses coming to the city is like a renaissance. I wanted to be a part of it and contribute any way I can. The Council faces a lot of challenges and does a good job, but it's time for a change in perspective."

David J. Swartz (candidate for re-election)

Address: 55 Woodland Park Drive

Age: 76

Family: Married to Suzanne and has six children and several grandchildren, one of whom, Nickolas Schiavoni, lost his life while fighting in Iraq.

Education: St. James High School, bachelor's degree in philosophy, Providence College, law degree, Harvard Law School; honors course in curriculum development, University of New Hampshire.

Reason for running: "To continue my work on behalf on the community that I love: Trying to do legislatively what can be done to aid the city in progressive, smart growth, by enabling the zoning changes that fostered the downtown housing development as well as the retail development on the outskirts.


Scott W. Wood Jr. (candidate for re-election)

Address: 93 Lawrence St.

Age: 24

Family: Parents Cheryl and Scott; sister, Christy and grandparents, Merton and Patricia Howard.

Education: Associate's degree in criminal justice, Fisher College; and attending Fischer College to complete bachelor's degree.

Why he's running: "To build on the progress we have already seen in Haverhill Public Schools. We have had the highest increase in MCAS scores in over a decade. I sponsored a policy that put in place performance standards for staff. I want to make Haverhill the top school system in the state. I stand for accountability, traditional values and academic excellence."

Susan D. Danehy (no pic available)

Address: 9 Massasoit Lane

Age: 48

Family: Married with three children

Education: Needham High School graduate; bachelor's degree, psychology/sociology, Boston College

Reason for running: "I've been active since my oldest child, now 21, was in first grade. I've been everything from a PTO secretary to PTO president to District Parent Council member and president. There seems to be a lack of parent involvement at the school committee level and I'd like to be a part of it."

Shaun P. Toohey (candidate for re-election)

Address: 696 Crystal St.

Age: 38

Family: Married to Tatum Ryan-Toohey with two children, Delainey, 8, and Jack, 3.

Education: Associates degree, Northern Essex Community College; bachelor's degree business management and administration, UMass Lowell.

Reason for running: "To continue what I've started | keeping class size low, retaining our neighborhood schools, holding the superintendent and administration accountable, and increasing student performance in the classrooms and on MCAS."

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