Attached is the list of winner for the 2019 Haverhill Best. There are some with multiple 1st 2nd or 3rd's (those were ties).

If possible this year, could I make some requests?

1) Could the listing be heading by and separated by the business type (i.e. ACTIVITES/SPORTS, FOOD & DRINK)? I think it might look better and read better if Professional Service businesses didn't run right into Food & Drink, but were separated a little better.

2) Could the business profiles and pictures not be the same ones that have been done both of the past two years (Karla Patavina Dance, Albie D's, Riverside Vet, Bradford Country Club, Merrimack Valley Tire, Cedardale, etc)?

There are some new categories and new business that won this year:

G's Haverhill - Best Restaurant in Haverhill

Duffy's Diner - Best Breakfast

Favorite Local Personality - Lindsay Paris

Best Teacher - Any of the winners

Most Unique Business - Evens & Oddities

I can help with the contact of any of these if you like!!

3) Could the cover not be a photo of a business or person? Maybe just a big colorful Haverhill's Best 2019 heading over a photo of the city and the Gazette logo? The past two years we put a business on the cover that barely give us the time of day (and last year's looked a little muddy).

I know that editorial is not my business, but this is the biggest promotion we do for Haverhill and I want this year's to be the biggest ever!!





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