Will Tom Brady stay or will he go? Bradford metal sculptor Dale Rogers’ relationship depends on it.

As the beloved New England Patriots quarterback prepares to enter free agency in March for the first time ever, Rogers is doubling down on his efforts to encourage the 20-year Pats player to continue calling Gillette Stadium home.

“This all comes down to an epic love triangle,” said Rogers, who lives and works in the Ward Hill section of Haverhill. “I love this girl named Mary Stabile, but she loves Tom Brady, so in order to get her attention and affection, I have to constantly do these things for Tom Brady. I’m constantly fighting for her affection. It’s me or Tom.”

Rogers’ latest stunt: Tacking up a massive “PLEASE STAY TOM” banner on his 16-foot-tall metal American Dog sculpture on Exit 48 of Interstate 495 south next to the Ward Hill Connector.

As Rogers explained it, Stabile, his fiancee of five years, is so enamored with the handsome quarterback that she asked him to install the banner as a way to encourage him to sign a new contract with the Patriots rather than join another team or — gasp! — retire. It is widely known that several other teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans, are interested in Brady and likely to offer him contracts.

The sculptor said the banner isn’t just a ploy to get Brady to stay in New England. Rogers said his own ZIP code could shift along with Brady’s if the quarterback leaves.

“We really want him to stay. If he moves to the Dallas Cowboys, for example, she’ll end up in Dallas,” Rogers said of his fiancee. “Mary is a massive Brady fan. I need my relationship to stay healthy.”

All joking aside, Rogers — who travels the country for art shows involving his metal sculptures — said no matter where he goes, he invariably hears references to Brady and the Patriots.

“There’s no doubt he’s earned the respect of New England,’’ Rogers said. “If the ‘Haverhill Hound’ on 495 is the iconic sculpture of New England, Brady is undoubtedly the iconic athlete for all of New England.’’


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