Couples engaged to be married must make dozens of decisions, invite hundreds of people and put in thousands of hours of preparation time before they even get to say, “I do.”

From invitations to flowers to choosing a honeymoon spot, the number of tasks can make the most organized bride’s head spin.

Meet Stacey Gioia-Rogers, 27, a manager at Skin Serenity Medispa, who has been fortunate to avoid such a dizzying experience because her position at the spa introduced her to many of the vendors she’s hired for her Aug. 11 wedding to fiance T.J. DeIorio.

She wanted to share the talents she found, and proposed the idea for a bridal show to spa founder Carol O’Connell.

Now, months later, with wedding and prom season in full swing, the city’s first bridal show will take place at the Skin Serenity Medispa Friday night, May 11, from 6 to 9.

The free event open to the public will be held inside the spa at 545 Main St. and will feature seven vendors for invitations, jewelry, photographs, flowers, hair and nails, massage and makeup. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be provided, as well as makeup and spa treatment demonstrations and raffle prizes.

“To have a booth for just a few hours at the New England Bridal Show (in Boston) can cost vendors $900,” Gioia-Rogers said. “This bridal show will promote this spa facility and help the smaller businesses that can’t rent those tables in Boston.”

The vendors will be spread out throughout the spa, which offers everything from facials and body treatments to hair removal, Botox and even permanent makeup application.

Linsey Devincentis, 23, a graphic designer hired by Gioia-Rogers to create wedding invitations, graduated from Roger Williams College last May and sees the bridal show as a great opportunity to expand her business.

“I’d love to do a big bridal show, but this will be a great experience for me to get my feet wet,” Devincentis said. “I’m going to show people my stylistic techniques; if I get a couple of jobs I’d love it, but I’m really just looking forward to getting myself out there.”

Devincentis said the trend in wedding invitations is to make them as personal as possible.

When Beth Schetrompf, a jewelry maker from Haverhill, bumped into Gioia-Rogers in a downtown boutique, Schetrompf noticed Gioia-Rogers’ ring. Gioia-Rogers hired Schetrompf to make bridesmaids’ jewelry using her late grandmother’s Swarovski crystal.

“It really meant a lot to (Gioia-Rogers) to have a piece of that crystal since her grandmother is not with her anymore,” Schetrompf said. “The Bali silver and Swarovski I use is a nice complement.” Schetrompf is trying to expand her home-based business called B*jeweled. She views the bridal show as a gift.

“Brides are a lot of fun to work with. They know what they want, which is really helpful,” Schetrompf said. “Bridal shows are mostly expos, but I think this (smaller) one is a great thing because it will bring a lot of people out in a smaller venue.”

The smaller, more intimate setting is what attracted photographer Linda Jennings to the show.

“I’m looking forward to this more personal, intimate gathering where I can speak to people one-on-one,” said Jennings, adding that the generation getting married these days has been so bombarded with advertisements that many don’t bother reading them, so showing examples of her work at the show will be one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Susanne Cutuli, owner of Susanne’s Weddings and a florist for 10 years, generates business from bridal show appearances. “We cater to the individual needs of the bride,” said Cutuli’s assistant, Barbara Salladay. “We take their ideas and try to transform them into reality.” Salladay said roses are still the most popular flower of love, but calla lilies and hydrangeas are also popular.

Nail technician Nicole Ray, an employee at the spa, will be present to exhibit her talents, as will Julia Bowers, owner of Pigmenta, who will provide Gioia-Rogers’ eyelash extensions for her wedding.

“The vendors coming are extremely talented, but not all of them can afford a big show,” said Gioia-Rogers, adding the spa is not charging vendors for space at the show.

For more information on the bridal show, contact Gioia-Rogers at 978-374-8300.

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