Haverhill police Chief Alan DeNaro is not going to become Somerville's top cop.

DeNaro got as far as one of four finalists for the job, but Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone offered the job instead to a Drug Enforcement Agency director who was previously stationed in Bangkok, Thailand.

DEA Area Director Thomas Pasquarello accepted the job earlier this week.

Curtatone cited Pasquarello's experience with police work worldwide as a key reason for his selection.

"He's spent the bulk of his career out in the field, knocking down doors, working directly with the public," Curtatone said in a press release.

Besides Pasquarello and DeNaro, finalists were Somerville acting chief Michael Cabral and Lowell police Capt. William Taylor.

Last week, Curtatone and a Somerville search committee visited the Haverhill Police Department to interview department employees about working with DeNaro.

Haverhill city councilors had pleaded several weeks ago during a city council meeting that Mayor James Fiorentini do everything within his power to keep the chief in Haverhill.

Recently, DeNaro had turned down an offer by Fiorentini to be Haverhill's first public safety commissioner. This position would have placed DeNaro in charge of both the fire and police departments. Councilor David Hall said he believed this move was an effort by Fiorentini to get DeNaro to stay with the city longer.

Two years remain on a 10-year contract with the city. His current salary is $170,000 a year with an additional $8,000 a year stipend for serving as the city's emergency management director.

Pasquarello will be paid $180,000 per year and has agreed to a five-year contract with Somerville.

This was not the first time DeNaro had considered employment elsewhere.

DeNaro had interviewed for chief's position in South Carolina in 2005 after a contract dispute with Fiorentini.

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