A local optometrist practice is welcoming a new doctor to its staff.

Dr. Judith Marrocco is joining Dr. Laura Anne Potvin, P.C. - Optometrists.

Established in 1947, the office of Dr. Bernard Potvin and now Dr. Laura Anne Potvin has seen many changes over the past half century, moving from Haverhill to Groveland, from father to daughter, and growing from one doctor to four.

The practice has moved from prescribing eyeglasses to examining eyes and treating disease, from offering limited frame styles to an extensive array of designer, sport and safety glasses; from large hard contact lenses to soft lenses, then to disposables and now specialty contact lenses custom designed for the treatment of patients with corneal disease.

Marrocco has extensive knowledge of contact lenses, especially fitting rigid gas permeable lenses and kerataconic contact lenses. Marrocco graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1984. She started her career in a private practice enjoying personalized patient care in a community-based ophthalmic practice. After 13 years working at Tallman Eye Associates as an optometric corneal specialist, she decided it was time to return to private practice to resume individualized care.

Marrocco lives in Amesbury with her husband. They have two children.

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