Ava Valianti knows a thing or two about the Merrimack River.

And its problems.

And how to solve them.

She brought that knowledge together for a six-month period and used it to raise more than $1,000 to help clean the river.

The 10-year-old from Newbury raised $1,127 for the Methuen-based Clean River Project to help continue its work of removing junk from the waterway. The junk includes floating debris that would otherwise accumulate along the banks in Haverhill and end up on the beaches of Salisbury and Newburyport.

From July through December of 2019, Ava sold greeting cards and framed photos she took of the river. She donated half of the money from her sales to the organization.

The fifth-grader at Newbury Elementary School sold her artwork at several events and galleries around the region.

Ava added a 2020 Domino of Good Deeds calendar to her list of products. Domino of Good Deeds is Ava's nonprofit organization.

"The Merrimack is animals’ homes, and it’s the source of drinking water for so many people," Ava said. "If it’s being polluted with trash, the water won’t be alright anymore, and neither will our own ecosystem. 

"The Clean River Project is making a huge difference by removing trash from the water, and when I found out about them, I knew I wanted to help them," she said. "They treated me so kindly, and are always helping out the river."

Ava said that for 2020, she hopes to raise $2,000 for Clean River.

The organization's leader said Ava is a big help to her group. 

"Ava is an amazing girl," Morrison said. "She's making a big commitment to raise money for our organization."

To donate or to learn more about Clean River Project, visit online at cleanriverproject.org

To learn more about Ava's nonprofit, visit online at dominoofgooddeeds.com.



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