The Haverhill Historical Commission is seeking the public's help on its project telling the stories of the city's shoe factory workers.

The commission is asking residents for stories and memories of shoe workers from the 1890s to the 1950s. It is also asking residents to contact the commission if they can identify shoe workers in photos that will appear regularly in the Gazette.

The public can share stories of shoe workers and identify workers in the photos by emailing commission Chairwoman Carol Crowell at

Current commission members include Crowell, Vice Chairwoman Celeste Hynick, Secretary Daniel Spurling, and researchers Edgar Movsepian, Kathy Kimball and Marilyn Sandberg.

The commission plans to build a memorial to shoe workers in front of the new downtown parking garage. The garage is central to the area where the history happened, as the shoe workers both worked and lived within minutes of where the garage now stands now.

The small area in front of the garage will be named Shoe Workers Memorial Plaza. The commission also plans to display pictures and stories of the workers in the first floor of the parking garage.

— Alex Lippa

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