Three people hit perfect shots in this year's Hole-in-One Contest to benefit the Gazette Santa Fund.

But dozens more came close to the hole, making them eligible for prizes in the event, hosted by Murphy's Garrison Golf Center.

The people listed below are winners. They are asked to stop by the golf center on Hilldale Avenue to pick up their prizes.

Hole-in-one: David Accardi,  Haverhill

Hole-in-one: Joe Accardi, Haverhill

Hole-in-one: Frank Healey, Bradford

2 inches: Jim Grant, Haverhill

2 inches: Deb Randolph, Plaistow

2 inches: Bill Anthony, Haverhill

6 inches, Zach Maccario, Bradford

7 inches: Shea Bruneau, Bradford

7 inches: Tyler White, Salem, N.H.

10 inches: Dan MacMillan, North Andover

11 inches: Walter Bois, Haverhill

11 inches: John Odea, Haverhill

12 inches: Walter Srybny, Haverhill

12 inches: Brian Lee, Manchester, N.H.

13 inches: Ryan Panaro, Haverhill

13 inches: Kevin Murphy, Haverhill

14 inches: Sean Bellemore, Haverhill

14 inches: Pat Lavigne, Haverhill

15 inches: Dan McNulty, Atkinson, N.H.

15 inches:  Kevin Cormier, Haverhill

17 inches: Brian Masys, Haverhill

17 inches: Fred Hayes, Merrimac

17 inches: Mark Bouchard, Haverhill

18 inches: Nathan Conway, Haverhill

19 inches: Mike DiFeo, Haverhill

19 inches: Mark Maurkiewicz, Haverhill

20 inches: Nick Maccario, Haverhill

20 inches: Craig Barnard, Haverhill

21 inches: Gerry White, Bradford

22 inches: Jim Menter, Haverhill

24 inches: Richard Pierce, Haverhill

25 inches: Matt Mazurkiewicz, Haverhill

25 inches: Melinda Barrett, Bradford

25 inches: Alec Steed, Haverhill

25 inches: Joe Wholley, Haverhill

26 inches: Dennis Kelleher, Bradford

27 inches: Billy Manning, Haverhill

28 inches: Tim Comeau, Bradford

28 inches: Jeff Paris, Haverhill

28 inches: Ryan McCleod, Haverhill

30 inches: Tim DeRoche, Haverhill

31 inches: Scott Birch, Haverhill

31 inches: James Cullen, Plaistow

31 inches: Robert Conte, Haverhill

31 inches: John Dias, North Andover

32 inches: Dan Volonino, Haverhill

32 inches: Nick Molinari, Methuen

34 inches: Mackenzie Murphy, Haverhill

35 inches: Mike Murphy, Wethersfield, CT

36 inches: Anne Baynn, Bradford

36 inches: Megan Shea, Haverhill

36 inches: Pat Murphy, Wethersfield, CT

41 inches: Tim Dias, North Andover

42 inches: Gail Kelleher, Bradford

45 inches: Caitlin Masys, Haverhill

46 inches: Faye Jendrick, Haverhill

48 inches: Matthew Murphy, Haverhill

54 inches: Jack Lancaster, Haverhill

57 inches: Marie Neuner, Newton, N.H.

57 inches: Laurie Huberdeau, Atkinson, N.H.

59 inches: Jeanne Lenzie, Haverhill

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