Late donations to the Haverhill Gazette Santa Fund Hole-in-One Contest boosted this year's total to $7,045.

Ted and Mary Murphy, who donate the use of their Garrison Golf Center to this annual event, thank the many people who participated in this year's contest, despite some rainy weather. They said some late donations from annual donors bumped up the total collected that will help local people who struggle financially during the holiday season.

"We would also like to thank all the local merchants for their continued support for 49 years of this amazing community fundraiser to benefit the Haverhill Gazette Santa Fund," Mary Murphy said. 

At the of the contest last month, the event had raised $6,050 but then donations began coming in.

Almost 60 participants qualified for prizes in the contest by getting a ball close enough to the hole to earn a measurement. They are:

Tim Comeau, 4 inches (also 30 inches)

Joe Accardi, 5 inches

Jim Roche, 5 inches (also 20 inches)

Miranda Sargent, 6 inches

Nick Antonelli, 8 inches

Dave Francis, 8 inches

Kathy Lee, 9 inches

Frank Healey, 9 inches

Thomas Murphy, 10 inches (also 26, 28 and 34 inches)

Jim Healey, 10 inches

Alex Brown, 10 inches

Joe Carrabino, 10 inches

Mark Bouchard, 11 inches (also 30 inches)

Dano Mahoney, 11 inches

Craig Barnard, 12 inches (also 18 and 30 inches)

Ryan Wilson, 12 inches

Adam Peugh, 14 inches (also 24 inches)

Jim Grant, 15 inches (also 18 and 32 inches)

Ryan DiFloures, 15 inches

Mike Soraghan, 17 inches

Jeff Youngclaus, 17 inches

Ann Marie Bois, 18 inches

Richard Kowalewski, 18 inches

Bryan Lee, 19 inches (also 21 inches)

Victoria Lewis, 20 inches

Chris Sargent, 21 inches (also 30 inches)

Matt Murphy, 22 inches

Valerie Gacioch, 22 inches

Kevin Murphy, 22 inches

Joe Hardiman,  23 inches

Ken Dunbar,  23 inches

Sam Boyer, 23 inches

Walter Srybny, 24 inches

Tom Buswell, 25 inches

Grant Kennedy, 25 inches

John Borque, 25 inches

Callie Dias, 25 inches (also 37 and 48 inches)

Jim Taylor, 26 inches

Tim Donahue, 26 inches

Dan Wrenn, 27 inches

Ben Delaware, 27 inches

Steve Pearsall, 29 inches

Sandi Seglin, 29 inches

Mike Mottram, 29 inches

Ken Smith, 30 inches

Dan Chabot Jr., 31 inches

Craig Farley, 31 inches

Matt Moore, 31 inches

Cam Menter, 32 inches

Zachary Robertson, 32 inches

Nancy Beirne, 33 inches

Joelly Helps, 33 inches

Colleen Dias, 36 inches

Sandy Fuhs, 46 inches

Pattie Macrae, 48 inches



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