Workers in the Haverhill High School guidance department are quite unhappy working in their new “office” in the high school basement. Relocation was due to renovations, but they say it feels like a prison cell with only one way in and out, improper ventilation and what they describe as “unsafe working conditions.”

Watch for some cutthroat competition in a new game in town. Now that the city has a bocce court, just off Washington Street, a tournament is developing involving the city’s service clubs. This could be more exciting than the Red Kettle competition at Christmas. There might even be a cup or trophy for the winners on an annual basis.

What is this with Haverhill folks and mountains? After Tom Vartabedian and Paul Tennant got lost overnight on Mount Katahdin in Maine, three city youths got lost in the White Mountains. A New Hampshire newspaper identified the Haverhill trio as Thomas Halamoutis, 17, Steven Justice, 16, and Barak Soreff, 16, with Brian Austin, 17, of Lawrence. They spent the night in a “cold, driving rainstorm” after hiking near Hart’s Location in the Presidential Range, and found their way out the next day.

You would think people considering robberies would think twice if they could be easily identified. This was not the case in Haverhill over the weekend when one knife-wielding robber let everyone get a good look at his “crooked teeth.” In addition, that is, to his black shirt with yellow letters. This was one of the two men who held up the Dunkin’ Donuts shop on Amesbury Road Saturday night.

Pity the poor drivers who came down Main Street and tried to turn right onto Merrimack Street Friday. Their turn was blocked because of a fire at the A-1 Deli, and they had to travel into Bradford and turn back because there was no other way to go.

Observers say it is amazing how much the area around the new Cordovan living units on Walnut Street was improved by the simple measure of resurfacing the streets.

The theme of the Santa Parade this year is going to be “Snow-Bound in Haverhill,” celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of poet John Greenleaf Whittier, whose most famous poem is, of course, “Snow-Bound.”

It was inevitable. On Saturday, the hottest day of the recent heat wave, someone called police to report an inflatable swimming pool had been stolen.

Greater Haverhill lost one of its highest-ranking friends in Republican circles. Brian Dodge of Groveland has been state Republican executive director, but left that post for the private sector. Friends issued a mock proclamation in his honor, setting aside a day for him, but it can become valid only when a Republican returns to the governor’s office.

Yum! Fay’s Farm and Orchard on Amesbury Line Road opens Saturday. People flock to this particular orchard to get specialty ginger gold and honey crisp apples.

The annual intertribal pow-wow and Native American craft fair returns to Plug Pond next weekend with Wolf Cry Singers, finger weaving, dance demonstrations, drumming, craft-making, storytelling, jewelry, baskets, dream catchers, stone carvings, blankets and authentic foods.

Free, free, free: The duo of singer/songwriter Robert Allen and lead guitarist Eric Berry will put on a free concert at Winnekenni Castle Sunday at 2 p.m. with music ranging from Dylan to the Beatles. The two play in the regional group Flash Mob!

Don’t forget that Haverhill Public Library is closed Saturday through Monday for Labor Day weekend. The library will reopen Tuesday at 10 a.m.

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