O’Connor Ives best choice for state Senate

To the editor:

The more we hear Kathleen O’Connor Ives speak, the more convinced we are of her leadership capabilities. After her stunning victory in the 1st Essex District primary last month, we were motivated to lend our support to her run for the state Senate.

We applaud her stance on removing anonymous sponsorship from political campaigns and in any part of government; her support of a woman’s right to choose; and her determination to protect equal rights of all kinds, especially marriage equality.

Katy is committed to working for our district in investing in economic revitalization by: Improving education for our children and local infrastructure; protecting public safety; creating opportunities for local, small businesses; and, very important to us personally, working to create more transparency and ethics in government.

Her intelligence, enthusiasm and energy is palpable, and our area needs a strong new voice in the state Senate, and we believe that Katy Ives should be that voice.

Anne Easter Smith and Scott Smith


O’Connor Ives’ full-time pledge good for district

To the editor:

Sometimes when people are asked during an election season why they’re voting for a particular candidate, they find it hard to put into words specifically why they’ve made their choice, but for me, when asked why I’m voting for Kathleen O’Connor Ives for state senator in the 1st Essex District, it’s an incredibly easy request.

Kathleen O’Connor Ives is unquestionably the right choice for those of us living in the 1st Essex District. Katy is one of the most intelligent, conscientious, and loyal individuals I have ever known. Her approach to problem solving is to always take a collaborative approach while also doing her own homework so that she can arrive at a well-thought out decision that is based on logic, hard work, and consensus. As a city councilor in Newburyport, Katy has demonstrated time and time again that she can work successfully with individuals across all of the political parties; as a result, she has widespread bipartisan support from her constituents throughout the area.

Katy is the only candidate who has pledged to be a full-time state senator for those of us living in the Merrimack Valley. She will work tirelessly for you and me without distractions from other outside jobs and interests. Katy’s sole job when elected as our state senator will be to represent our district and to advocate full-time on our behalf. Our district needs and deserves a state senator who will take the job seriously and who will devote her entire workday to the citizens of the 1st Essex District.

As a Democrat, Katy is the only candidate in this race who will be able to chair a committee in the Democrat-controlled state Senate. This party affiliation will truly allow Katy to have a more significant voice in the state Senate than any of her three opponents.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, I ask you to please join me in voting for Kathleen O’Connor Ives as our next state senator for the 1st Essex District. By voting for Kathleen O’Connor Ives, you will be voting for another new voice in the state Senate. Please learn more about Katy at: www.voteforives.com.

Susan Acquaviva


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