Magliocchetti best choice for state Senate

To the editor:

Now that the primary election is over, I look forward to the election of Independent candidate Paul Magliocchetti as my next state senator.

Paul will bring a new perspective to what is currently the most partisan political environment of my lifetime. His unique status as an Independent will allow him to present his own new ideas as well as support those of other senators who are concerned with the good of the district. His loyalty need not be to either Republican or Democratic bills, but to a common sense approach to each issue as it relates to Massachusetts residents.

Paul has been a successful school committeeman in Haverhill. Prior to Paul's election the School Committee was described as "dysfunctional." Paul has been instrumental in changing the tone of that body and as a result, the school system has moved forward.

Paul has worked hard to improve the quality of life in Haverhill. He is a successful attorney, husband, and father who has coached in the PAL soccer and Riverside Bradford baseball leagues, and taught CCD classes at St. John the Baptist Church.

Moreover, Paul is on the Board of Directors of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce. I have served with him on that board and appreciate his thoughtful and considered opinions on many issues.

Attorney Magliocchetti is a fiscal conservative who will make improving the local economy his priority. I am convinced that being an Independent is, at this time, a tremendous advantage. Paul can caucus with either party and seek only the best of each for our citizens.

I encourage all voters to join me as I vote for Paul Magliocchetti on Nov. 6.

If you wish to learn more visit the website at

Tim Jordan, Haverhill

Vote 'yes' on Question 4

To the editor:

This election day, voters in Haverhill have the opportunity to vote on Question 4, a non-binding, but very important, ballot question.

A "yes" vote on Question 4 calls on Congress to propose a constitutional amendment stating that: 1) Constitutional rights apply only to people, not corporations, unions, or other incorporated entities; and 2) "We the people" can pass laws to put reasonable limits on political spending.

There should be bipartisan support to restore democracy and make Congress responsible to their constituents. The 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission declared corporations to have the same constitutional rights as people and took away the power of Congress and the states to limit campaign contributions and spending. Following this decision, we have seen campaign spending skyrocket. In 2012 campaigns are expected to spend more than $1 billion, much of it undisclosed dark money. This makes politicians beholden to the funders of the campaigns, not the people they serve.

Passing Question 4 is the first step toward a government that is accountable to citizens rather than to big campaign donors. The idea of corporate free speech rights would have been shocking to the founders, who severely curtailed their power. And it should be shocking to us. A "yes" vote on Question 4 allows "We the People" to express our desire to see our government returned back to us. This is a non-partisan issue.

Bill Lang, Haverhill

Supporting O'Connor Ives for state Senate

To the editor:

I am voting for Kathleen O'Connor Ives to be our next state senator from the 1st Essex District. I'm doing so because she is not content to simply know the facts and spout them out in order to convince others about her point of view. Instead, she engages you in conversation to help you see all sides of an issue and then lets you decide if you want to go along with her.

When she wants to learn more about a topic from another person's point of view she asks thoughtful questions. She works through differences and toward solutions to which everyone can feel a degree of ownership.

Kathleen O'Connor Ives will not only represent the interests of 1st Essex District citizens, but will also participate in consensual decision-making for results in the Massachusetts Senate. You can learn more about this amazing candidate by visiting her website:

Bonnie Sontag, Newburyport

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