Man freed after waving gun during threat     

File photoCraig Kimball appears in Haverhill District Court hearing via Zoom video conference.

A man accused of waving a gun in the face of another man and threatening to put him on a "hit list" during an altercation at a downtown Haverhill insurance agency has been sentenced to 11 months probation for the crime, as part of a plea deal.

Craig Kimball, 32, 17 Edgewood Drive, was ordered by Haverhill District Court Judge Patricia Dowling not to possess any firearms or risk further imprisonment when agreeing to the terms alongside his defense attorney Gerald LaFlamme of Haverhill. By pleading guilty, Kimball gave up his rights to a trial on the charges against him, which the judge said were "pretty serious."

In late August, Haverhill police arrested Kimball and charged him with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, threat to commit a crime and possession of an unlicensed firearm after he entered his father's Haverhill insurance agency, RB Kimball Insurance, and waved the gun around in the face of another man.

According to a police report, the victim in the case, Daniel Dionne, said Kimball walked into the insurance office on Aug. 20 and "began screaming" at its owner, his father Malcolm Kimball, about his father's working relationship with Dionne. When Dionne told Craig Kimball that he was there to do a job for Malcolm Kimball and would leave the office after doing that work, Craig Kimball "got into his face" and threatened him, warning him to leave the property, according to the police report.

Craig Kimball then went to the main lobby of the office, took a silver handgun out of a safe and began "waving" it at Dionne, the police report said. He also pushed Dionne and said, "I should just put him on a (expletive) hit list," according to the police report.

Following a search of the insurance agency, police seized a silver handgun and a black semi-automatic pistol in a leather holster from a locked safe, according to the report. Malcolm Kimball could not produce a license to carry firearms when asked by police.

Craig Kimball had been forced to surrender his gun license "a few days prior" to his arrest after he was served with an emergency restraining order, according to the report. Court records from the 10th Circuit Court in Brentwood, New Hampshire, indicate that the order was related to a domestic violence incident involving an ex-girlfriend. During the Haverhill booking process, Craig Kimball acknowledged that he would likely get a violation on that order for possessing weapons while the order was in place, according to the police report.

As part of the investigation, additional charges of improper storage of a firearm and violating an order to surrender a firearm were added to Craig Kimball's case, court officials said.

Speaking to Craig Kimball in court during the sentencing, the judge said she was bothered by his disregard for a court order — specifically one involving a firearm.

"What I'm hearing today is that the court ordered certain things that you completely disregarded. You did exactly what you wanted and then you used a firearm to assault someone," Dowling said. "If I find out that you're connected to a firearm at any time at all during your probationary period, you won't be doing 30 days (like you've done since your arrest) — you'll be doing a lot more. It's a firearm offense coupled with totally disregarding the order. Fair warning."

According to the plea deal, Craig Kimball must abide by the terms of his probation through September 2021 or he can be committed to Middleton Jail for up to one year. He has 30 days credit that he served while his case was pending, court officials said.

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