It's not the kind of thing you see at school.

These Haverhill High students learn about plants not in a classroom, but in an orchard and garden.

About 50 students have been growing raspberries, blueberries, and other fruits and veggies in a garden and orchard at the school.

The special needs students are attending an extended school year program this summer. Their latest adventure involved picking raspberries from bushes they planted two years ago and making jam from scratch.

The learning garden program is run by paraprofessional Nancy Burke. The orchard is located in a courtyard surrounded by classrooms. The students have also been picking hot peppers, chives, tomatoes and cilantro in their salsa garden in another courtyard.

Both the garden, which has raised beds, and the orchard, which is populated with dwarf apple, pear and plum trees along with the berry bushes, are wheelchair accessible. This feature allows students with a range of disabilities to take part in the program. 

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