Ever see an oddly shaped plant and wonder what is it?

Maybe an unusual color caught your eye when you were scanning the growth on the side of the road while out for a walk.

If you have questions like that about vegetation, Roland "Boot" Boutwell is your man. And if you want to learn even more about the plants that grow around us, Tattersall Farm is the place to be.

Boutwell, an expert on vegetation, leads guided tours for visitors of the sprawling farm on North Broadway. The farm, owned for generations by the Tattersall family, was given to the city to be preserved as open space and a teaching tool. Participants on tours learn basic wildflower identification characteristics, as well as fun and interesting facts about natural history, while following social distancing guidelines.

Boutwell is a freelance naturalist who teaches classes and leads nature walks for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Native Plant Trust and other conservation organizations.

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