The City Council has said no to a proposed charge for hanging banners throughout the city.

At the Oct. 26 council meeting, the council agreed to adopt ordinances clarifying the regulations governing the hanging banners throughout the city but rejected a $50 to $100 charge by the city for hanging banners.

The new ordinances, drafted by the Administration and Finance Committee in August, would require banners hung at the Merrimack Street parking deck, across South Main Street in Bradford, and between any two freestanding poles across the street from one another in the city to register their signs through the city clerk's office for two week-long time slots.

Director of Public Works Michael Stankovich had originally requested a $100 fee for hanging banners across a street or $50 for a side of the parking garage in order to compensate the DPW for time spent hanging them.

Subcommittee Chairwoman Mary Ellen Daly O'Brien said the work involved didn't justify the charges.

"They didn't pass muster with the council," she said.

Council President Michael Hart said Councilors William Ryan and David Hall, among others, pointed out that charity organizations are the primary groups that place banners throughout the city and that such fees would only hurt these organizations in the long run.

"It seemed unnecessary to take money out of the pockets of these organizations," he said.

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