Question: With $50,000 in private money, mostly from developers, the mayor hired a consultant from the Midwest to determine how to best bring back the downtown. What do you think?

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In response to last week's question: Former public works superintendent James Flaherty announced he would retire after the mayor said he was going to fire him. The mayor then said he would not fire him as long as he retired. What do you think?

It sounds like politics as usual from Mayor Fiorentini's office. The sad thing is that this happened under his watch and we will not forget that. Shawn from Haverhill.

In response to the question from two weeks ago, asking if Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce President Sally Cerasuolo-O'Rorke should resign her post while running for mayor:

As a chamber member, my response would be no. Sally has done an outstanding job as chamber president, and by staying on through the end of the chamber year, it should give the board of directors time to find a worthy successor, which would allow the chamber to run smoothly during the search. Tim Jordan

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