53 Agawam Ave.: Pamela Marin-Kingsley and Paul Olmsted to Christine A. Wright, $300,000

16 Alfred Park: David G. and Geraldine L. Borland to Jennifer M. and Robert W. Lavallee, $374,000

70 Ashworth Terrace, Unit 70: Meghan Flahive to Lee and Thomas Nguyen, $285,000

13 Bicknell Circle, Unit 13: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to B Bancroft-Hollingworth and Harold Hollingworth, $390,000

369 Broadway: Kris A. Wade to Amanda L. and Patricia M. Edwards, $350,000

854 Broadway, Unit 8: Annalisa Butcher to Joann Daigle, $295,000

13 Casablanca Court, Unit 13: Diana M. Odoardi to Paul and Tammy Fugere, $239,900

72 Den Worth Bell Circle, Unit 72: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Peihang Liu and Jianxiang Wu, $344,900

78 Den Worth Bell Circle, Unit 78: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Jean B. Chiraque, $339,900

3 Dexter St.: Marisol Aponte to Victor O. Osorio and Sarah V. Reynoso, $434,000

10 Elm St.: Alzack LLC to Frank Okeefe FT and Frank Okeefe, $425,000

12 Fairfield St.: Smardz Stanislaw K Est and Charles C. Smith to Kevin Fontes, $200,000

9 Fairway Drive: Beth F. and Scott E. Spicer to John C. Dufresne, $493,000

111 Ferry Road, Unit 111: John D. Tassinari to Jane and Michael N. White, $310,000

48 Glen Meadow Road, Unit 48: Jane Begin and Kent Griffin to Mary Kelley and Jonathan Mcdonough, $295,000

81 Greenough St., Unit 81: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Enkelejda and Gezim Llupo, $359,000

138-140 Grove St.: Mark Smith to Jeffrey D. Leblanc, $400,000

63 Hancock St.: Barry D. and John J. Mickela to Ernesto Lopez, $429,000

93 Haseltine St.: John C. Dufresne to Jenifer Curtis, $390,000

12 Hawthorne St.: Pare Marion E Est and Neil J. Pare to Jeffrey J. Harris, $297,000

261 Hilldale Ave.: Prophet Grace E Est and Margaret Prophet to Bradford Unlimited Corp, $250,000

34 Montgomery St.: Christopher and Meaghan Grande to Amy M. Mcguire, $304,900

184 Morgan Drive, Unit 184: Meghan E. Deyermond to Andrea Miller, $245,000

12 Myles Standish Drive, Unit 10: Dasilva Myles Standish RT and Julie Dasilva to Barbara A. and Roger S. Mackenzie, $183,500

825 N. Broadway: Jonathan and Rachel Amari to Stacha and Troy Gabriele, $391,000

440 North Ave., Unit 40: Kelleher Family Real Est to Anthony Montisanti, $100,000

440 North Ave., Unit 149: Kelleher Family Real Est to Anthony Montisanti, $132,000

17 Nottingham Lane: Christopher J. Hadley to Michael C. Uttley, $397,000

1 Park Way: Pentucket Medical Realty to Gahca Haverhill MA Mob, $15,500,000

90 Perkins Court, Unit 90: Jessica and Jillian Stira to Louise Deveaux, $302,900

32 Race St.: GC Management&Constr to Fedna Jeudi, $348,900

211 River St., Unit 3: Jose Delossantos to Amanda Levy, $122,000

402 River St., Unit 4-A: Sinead Foyle to Ashley M. Atkins, $143,000

25 S. Lincoln St.: Nicholas V. Giammarino to Johanne L. Felt and Andrew M. Jackson, $252,000

277 S. Main St., Unit 18: Jean B. Chiraque to Patrick Hammond, $195,000

619 S. Main St., Unit C: Donald R. Jacques to David Markell, $218,000

11 Shattuck St.: Diana Passafiume to Laurel A. Marshall and Marianne Perkins, $396,000

37 Snow Road: Gayle and Joseph Fili to Brian D. and Frances M. Dilks, $585,000

8 Solitaire Drive: Christopher P. Cook to Leon J. and Linda A. Potenza, $393,000

65 Steeplechase Court, Unit 65: Aron and Megan Cleary to Susan M. Brady, $255,000

33 Stetson St.: Troy Gabriele to Kenneth B. and Samantha Vialva, $351,500

655 W. Lowell Ave., Unit 19: Debra L. Mcphee to Merle H. Weber, $144,900

70 Washington St., Unit 108: Peter E. and Renee T. Ruecker to Sean C. Lowther and Sandra P. Ocampo-Lowther, $237,450

16 Wedgewood Drive: Philip L. and Susan J. Cullen to Stacie Chandler, $530,000

216 Wilson St.: Sherrie L. Frisone to Alan and Candace Clemmey, $365,000

89 Winona Ave.: Alba M. and Ronald C. Roderick to Oscar Florentino, $409,000

86 Woodrow Ave.: Marianne Perkins and Laurel A. Marshall to Andrew J. and Breanne Olsson, $410,000


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