254 Amesbury Road: 254 Amesbury Road LLC to KRE BSL Husky Haverhill, $11,390,000

93-95 Blaisdell St., Unit 2: Edzaida M. and Michael L. Alvarez to Bianca and Mercedes Lazowy, $210,000

15 Blossom St.: Jeffrey J. and Maria A. Guerin to Daniel C. Kelley and Jacqueline M. Pereira, $318,000

22 Bradford Green Way: David A. and Mary A. Devine to Matthew Heywood and Heather C. Kelly, $500,000

22 Brickett Ave.: Susan L. Lafortune to Heidi M. and Jonathan M. Hayes, $325,000

116 Cedar St.: Block Capital LLC to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $86,880

58 Den Worth Bell Circle, Unit 58: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Michael Novak, $344,900

13 Farrwood Drive, Unit 13: Joseph Thibault to Thomas Aborn, $225,500

427 Farrwood Drive, Unit 427: Christopher Connor to Michael Kelley and Heather C. Kelly, $250,000

433 Farrwood Drive, Unit 433: Armando Nushi to Tung Le, $201,000

7-9 Fay Place: Peguy Sylvain to Luis Laureano and Gisselle Rosario, $494,000

17 Grant St.: Derrin K. Dufan to Eugene Difiore and Maris Ditolla, $504,900

77 Greenough St.: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Joseph and Tia M. Bernardo, $430,000

124 Groveland St.: Redmond E. and Sandra M. Paul to 124 Groveland Street RT and Frank T. Muraco, $197,500

21 Hamel Way, Unit 21: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Son M. Luong, $319,900

57 Howard St.: Union Park Investments to Carlos P. and Jennifer Contreras, $400,000

369 Liberty St.: Sande Homes LLC to Antone and Sally Matthews, $651,900

28 Lilac Lane, Unit 18: Edwards Street RT and Adria J. Durkin to Lorraine Tempone, $290,000

64 Moore St.: US Bank NA Tr to Craig Pascoe, $109,000

114 Pilgrim Road: Ladd Joan E Est and Suzanne Penny to Sande Homes LLC, $175,000

49 Quimby St.: Carroll 2017 T and Jill M. Carroll to Julia A. Glater and Brian P. Roach, $465,000

143 S. Elm St.: 9 1&2 Bartlett Street NT and Maria Tusinski to Benjamin Bagnall, $350,000

25 S. Williams St.: Steven Markos to Christine B. and Robert J. Balsamo, $373,000

10 Squaw Creek Drive, Unit 10: Frances S. Gustafson to Elaine Haddad RET 2019 and Elaine Haddad, $349,900

21 Tiverton Ave.: MTGLQ Investors LP to Elvis F. Vargas-Calcano, $324,700

15 Victor St.: Hector A. Brito and Cesaria M. Reynoso to Jennifer Munoz, $445,000

15 Westminster Ave.: Rachael M. Defeo to Cynthia A. and Steven M. Richard, $398,000


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