901 Alyssa Dr. Unit 901: William H Barnes RET and William H. Barnes to Roberta Capelson, $440,000

799 Salem St.: Joseph M. and Michael Callan to Ronald J. and Suzanne F. Williams, $355,000

51 Wood St.: Mark A. Knight to Robert J. Bolognese, $1,175,000


80 Auburn St.: Claurys Matos to Sandra L. Trapani LT and Jonior A. Sanchez, $600,000

6 Bard St.: Evelyn J. and William R. Janes to Deborah Larson and Peter Particelli, $525,000

71 Bennington St.: Christian Grullon to Athena and Dimitrios Petrides, $605,000

143 Broadway: Kathryn M. and Robert J. Sevigny to Magalys T. Soto-Deperez and Hector Perez, $635,000

1475 Broadway: Erin Hensley and Trevor Seaboyer to Ariana Livingston and Mictehel Power, $345,000

43 Brockton Ave.: Allyson Otovic-Dalgar and Stephan E. Dalgar to Omar Arias, $600,000

20 Carrington Way Unit 20: Erkan FT and Gulsah Erkan to Eva Oslanec, $440,000

57 Chadwick Road: Ida D Haynes 2020 RET and Kristin E. Iannuccilli to Joanne Exilus, $615,000

21 Clydedale Ave.: Darren and Roberta Jarzyniecki to Silas DeOliveira and Mateus Franquini, $420,000

52 Country Hill Lane Unit 52: Linda Davis to Shruti Patel, $355,000

29-31 Davenport St.: Henry G. Butts to Worry Free RE LLC, $131,062

21-23 Downing Ave.: John S. and Stavroula Parrish to Leandro J. Celado, $550,000

41 Downing Ave.: Nicholas C. Bradley to Nidia R. Marroquin, $390,000

89 Emerson St.: BNS Realty LLC to Michael L. Schein, $650,000

317 Farrwood Dr. Unit 317: Todd A. Barrett to Jennifer L. Macintosh, $413,000

420 Farrwood Dr. Unit 420: Arthur M. Chege to Scott Macduff, $325,000

25 Fountain St.: Comm. Collective LLC to Dani Drew Properties LLC, $205,000

14 Franzone Dr. Unit 14: Geoffrey W. Wilhite to Alissa Rakauskas and James Salvador, $375,000

98 Front 9 Dr.: Front 9 Drive LLC to Jeffrey and Lisa K. Zimmerman, $635,870

12 Greenhill Farm Road Unit 12: Joshua Liversidge to Associate Solutions LLC, $210,000

216 Groveland St.: Virginia M. Riley to Jason and Jessica Palani, $315,000

16 High St.: Jose M. Morales and Veronica A. Severino to Rutilda Ayala-Detizol and Esteban R. Tizol-Santiago, $440,000

12 Highland Ave.: William J. Forrestall and Kimberly A. Jarman to Tiffanie M. Harris, $440,000

493 Hilldale Ave. Unit 493: Ann Anderson and Avre Vickers to Theodoros Papoulis and Katina Tsakos, $375,000

58 Howard St.: Joanne P. Zarrella to MJNS Properties LLC, $200,000

173 Kenoza Ave.: Idalio Guzman to Awara Osman, $655,000

10 Kenoza St.: Colin and Mary Oneil to Justin E. Barry and Erin M. Cronan, $500,000

6 Lancaster St.: Lloyd Jennings to Francisco J. Garcia, $445,000

225 Lincoln Ave.: Rivers Edge Plz. LP to Evrotas LLC, $9,300,000

7 Lincoln St.: Crane FT and Anna M. Crane to Julio C. Alindor, $500,000

53 Lincolnshire Dr.: Albert C. and Linda S. Corneau to Richard Santos, $530,000

440 North Ave. Unit 251: 15 Merrimack St. RET and James Manakas to Lilac Homes LLC, $120,000

28 Passaconaway Ave.: Lorraine and Philip D. Brown to Lawrence A. Akowuah, $590,000

7 Ridge Road: Laura Duffy to Dean R. and Jane L. Dexter, $610,000

189 River St.: Rogers Keith G. Est. and Judith F. Allen to Martinez M. Melendez, $475,000

17 S Brook St. Unit 17: Daniel and Leslie Makin to Marie R. Conroy and Luis A. Feliciano, $353,100

61 S Central St.: Angela Sewall to Giselle Reis-Pajazetovic, $470,000

535 S Main St.: Amanda K. Bashford to Ann Anderson and Avre Vickers, $525,000

69 Towne Hill Road: John and Tracie Havanidis to Kenny M. Quezada and Vladimir Vasquez, $540,000

18 Tyler Park: Jordan Perkins and David Wells to Zwadita Morrison, $451,000

33 Wellington Ave.: John R. and Katherine C. Mcintyre to Patrice Darby and Jared Poirier, $350,000

15 Whitcomb St.: C&M Enterprises LLC to Ana D. Quispe-Matos, $600,000

12 Willow St. Unit 12: Lisa E. and Paul S. Smith to Mitchell Kasberg, $405,000

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