70 Front 9 Drive: Premoere RT and Michael J. Maroney to James L. and Ann R. Richie, $447,930

33 Hancock St.: Craig D. and Melissa J. Hurd to Maria A. Garcia, $176,000

6 Johnson St.: Stevens Caroline R Est and Cornelia S. Harris to Macgregor S. Smith, $163,100

10 Klondike Ave.: Joseph E. and Kimberley A. Wescott to Charles M. Kittles and Maria G. Bonavita, $289,900

63 Mount Dustin Ave.: Tellier Francis E Est and Carol E. Mcgonagle to Bradley T. Eardley, $209,000

50 Perkins Court, Unit 50: Sweeny Brenda A Est and William J. Sweeny to Mary A. Deroo, $253,000

21 Tenadel Ave.: Anita L. Brindis to BL Tenadel RT, $100,000

40 Varnum St.: Ulysses W. and Kerrianne Spinazola to Miriam D. Brenner, $280,000

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