It's the little things that count. So say some local politicians.

The mayor and City Council deal with big-money items, sometimes millions of dollars worth. But they'll tell you that often the biggest reaction they get is when they have a troubling pothole fixed or a missing stop sign replaced in a neighborhood.

People remember those things, the pols say, because those issues have a direct impact on daily life.

The late City Councilor Bill Pike was famous for saying just that — and he always finished at or near the top of the ticket on election day.

James Fiorentini, who has set a record for terms as Haverhill mayor, might not say it, but he seems to know it. Ever notice how often streets with potholes are repaved or faded crosswalks are repainted under his administration?


Singled out

Joseph Bevilacqua says he's had enough.

While placing campaign signs on properties in the city one day last week, the city councilor got a call from a supporter who said someone stole a 2-by-4-foot sign that Bevilacqua had installed in front of Athen’s Pizza on River Street.

There were campaign signs for other candidates in this year's election in that location, but Bevilacqua’s was the only one taken.


“They take my signs every election,” he said. “If it was vandalism, they’d take other signs, but unfortunately they just target my signs.”


Sounds right

Have you noticed the sign at the Haverhill Motor Car store on Route 125 in Bradford heading into Ward Hill?

The sign's last letter — an ”r” — is missing from the word "car." No matter. The sign is correct, at least phonetically, agreeing with the way New Englanders typically leave off the "r'' sound in words that end in "ar.''


License change

Look for a liquor license transfer from a former variety store on Groveland Street to a convenience store close to the Groveland Bridge.


'Fairways' in name only

Don't expect to find any golfing taking place at Groveland Fairways.

The property was once an indoor/outdoor driving range, but now it's a function hall that retained the name.

It's become a popular place for weddings and other social events.


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