As we get deeper into summer weather, boat traffic is picking up on the river.

Drive on Water Street or across the Basiliere Bridge and you'll notice plenty of boats at the Crescent Yacht Club marina.

The yacht club is a good gauge about boating on the river. On weekends especially, it's common to see boats coming and going from the yacht club, some putting around nearby and others heading east for a voyage down river toward Newburyport and the ocean.


What's the plan?

With Bastille Day fast approaching, The Lamplighter is wondering if there's any talk of a celebration among those in the local French community.

Such events have happened from time to time in past years.

Bastille Day is the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille on July, 14, 1789 — a turning point of the French Revolution


Speaking of our French population ...

You might recall that the statue of the General Lafayette, a key figure in the Revolutionary War, was in the center of a rotary in Lafayette Square for decades, before being moved more than a decade ago.

As part of a reconfiguration of the square's traffic pattern, the statue — a gift from the local French community to the city in the 1930s — was placed at the side of the road.

In that less prominent place, the statue has become a magnet for trash — there are all kinds of wrappers and other debris on the ground near the statue.


Avid anglers

More and more fishermen are being spotted at Round Pond these days, especially at the small park at the edge of the pond near Lawrence Street.

It should come as no surprise.

The state stocks the pond with fish each spring, giving locals the opportunity to cast their lines.




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